Yun Ayu: Navi – Incurable Disease / Secret Love OST

Peat Leo: 5urprise – Hey U Come On / After School Bokbulbok OST

Ricky TaeBin Riwooky: Jung Il Woo – Scarecrow / 49Days OST

Tina Schmidt: Kim Jin Ho – Hurt / Hotel King OST

Alexandra Jacobs: Ailee – Goodbye My Love / Fated to Love you OST

Alexandra Jacobs: Davichi – It's alright, This is Love / It's Okay, That's Love OST

Alexja: Jung Dongha – Destiny Sonata / Fated To Love You OST

TaeByn: Tensi Love – When You Want to Leave / Let's Eat OST

Joohee (8eight) – Where Are We / Liar Game OST

Cho Eun – No one is better than you (Goodd Person)/ Nice Guy OST

JasonTruescott: Changmin '2AM' & Dahee 'GLAM' – I Can't Live Without You / Drama You're The Best Lee Soon Shin OST

sophiie: Moment – Lee Changmin (2AM) / The Heirs OST

jaehee: Lee Seung Gi – Last Word / Gu Family Book OST

jaehee: 4 Men – Only You / Gu Family Book OST

DramaGirl: 4 Men – Thorn Love / Empress Ki OST

MoonStar: K-Will – Only Person / Pinocchio OST

KanameKuran: Lee Hyun – My Heartache / A Gentleman's Dignity OST

Suzu: Lee Ji Young – Love is Blowing / Gu Family Book OST

Suzu: Yisabel – My Eden / Gu Family Book OST

jaehee: 4Men – Love Is / Oh My Lady OST

Suraya: Byul (별) Feat.Swings – I Ponder Your Face / I Miss You OST

jaehee: Jang Jae In (Feat.NaShow) – Auditory Hallucination / Kill Me, Heal Me OST

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Suzy: Michael Learns To Rock – Eternal Love

Sassy: Tree of Heaven Ost – Arbol de Cielo

alexja: Park Jae Jung – Who are you

Suraya: Jang Jane In – Secret Paradise

jaehee: Bobby Kim – Stranger

Suzy: No Min Woo – Sad Love

Daria: Bridal Mask – Ulala Session Goodbye Day / Faith – Bad Person